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Put any position on the Analysis board, and examine it using one of our evaluation tabs.

GingerGM Courses

Click the 'GingerGM' tab and see what the Ginger GM recommends from his fantastic courses.

Chess Encyclopedia

Click the 'Encyclopedia' tab and see our supercomputer checked opening theory chapters.

Top Games

Click the 'Top Games' tab and see what the best have played in that position.

Online Games

Click the 'Online Games' tab and see the latest online games from any player played from that position.

YouTube Videos

Click the 'Videos' tab and get access to all related YouTube videos for your desired position.

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Perfect your opening play

Check your games against GingerGM opening courses and our ever-evolving Encyclopedia.

What are the numbers?

Some numbers behind GCHESS.


16103 YouTube videos


172,988 players


1,169,278,728 positions


17,027,839 top games

Killer Features

Here are some of the reasons why you should use GCHESS.

Check your Games

Check your games alongside the ever-expanding GingerGM opening DVDs and courses and the ever-evolving ECO, online games database, and YouTube videos.

Learn from Experts

Play about with your existing repertoire and learn expert openings in a simple-to-use user interface.

Consult with the Strongest Engine

Double-check any suggested moves and lines with the strongest 3000+ ELO computer engine.

Watch Expert Openings

Expert videos of your openings demonstrated with Grandmaster depth and clarity from well-known chess professionals.

Tablebase Endings

Down to 7 pieces? No complicated computer eval needed! Our Tablebase automatically tells you whether the game is a win/loss/draw and tells all the moves that will lead that way.

Save your Openings

Save and manage all openings into easy-to-navigate personal folders.

The team behind GCHESS

GCHESS was made by chess players for chess players.

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Founder / Project Manager

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Quality Assurance

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Product & UX/UI Designer

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Content Manager

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